Pool Maintenance

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Keep Your Pool Clean & Safe Without Lifting a Finger

Making sure that your home or community pool clean is a serious responsibility. With worry-free pool maintenance services from Klear Pools in Denver, you’ll have a sparkling clean pool that’s free of germs and bacteria.

Even better, consistent pool maintenance can help prevent major problems, from leaks to equipment failures. And that will save you money on repairs – even the early replacement of a neglected system.

Depending on the season and how often your pool is used, our professionals will meticulously clean, test, and balance your pool on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. By letting us take care of the pool maintenance, you’ll have more time to enjoy your pool instead of dealing with the upkeep!

We’d be happy to discuss all of your options and put together a plan that fits your specific needs, budget and schedule. Simply get in touch to learn more about pool maintenance from Klear Pools.

What’s Included with Pool Maintenance Services?

Various factors can affect the safety, cleanliness and chemical balance of your pool, from Denver’s weather changes to a big pool party and more. And it doesn’t take long for water to become green and cloudy. With years of experience, the right tools and cleaning techniques, Klear Pools will fix or prevent typical pool issues and ensure your pool is open for enjoyment all season long.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included with our pool maintenance services.

Pool maintenance and repair in denver
Pool Cleaning
  • Vacuum the entire pool
  • Brush the pool walls, tile and steps
  • Net the pool to remove debris
Maintain Pool Circulation
  • Clean the pool skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwash pool filter DE and sand filters
  • Verify equipment pump, timer, pressure
  • Check for any leaks or potential issues
Check Automatic Pool Sweep
  • Clean out the pool sweep bag and filter
  • Clean the wall screen
  • Verify pool sweep operation, adjust as needed
Balance Pool Water & Pool Chemistry
  • Test pool water and total dissolved solids
  • Add pool chemicals to balance water
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