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Build a Pool that’s Anything but “Cookie-Cutter”

At Klear Pools, we understand that building a swimming pool is a big undertaking whether it’s for your home or commercial property in Denver. It’s important that your swimming pool contractor makes the process as simple and stress-free as possible from start to finish.

And this is where Kearl Pools truly shines.

By partnering with our experts, we’ll walk you through the considerations that go into building the pool of your dreams or one that will attract buyers and renters to your community. As your swimming pool contractor, we will listen attentively to what you want and need then advise you on every aspect of the design, planning and construction required to bring your vision to life, including:

  • Meeting pool use needs, whether for leisure, exercise or mixed
  • Primary users of the pool, adults only or children and families
  • Positioning for sun, shade, slopes, odd angles, zoning, irrigation
  • Pool shape and style, classic kidney to a free-form masterpiece
  • Including a spa, either connected or in a separate backyard area
  • Material options – concrete, vinyl, fiberglass – plus tile accents
  • All city permits required and assistance with HOA compliance
  • Features: waterfall, infinity edge, beach entry, lighting, fencing
  • Equipment options for energy-efficiency and easy maintenance

Once we figure out these considerations and lock down an agreeable budget and timeline, we’ll get started on construction. After breaking ground, our team will work quickly and efficiently, provide open and honest communication at every step, and deliver a final product that you’ll love. We’ll do our best to minimize noise and disruption, then leave a clean, ready to use pool when we’re done.

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How Long Does it Take to Build a Pool?

On average, it takes 6 to 10 weeks to complete your custom pool project. The more intricate your design and material choices, the longer this will take. If a swimming pool contractor says they can do it in less time, be wary. This process often comes with challenges along the way. While Klear Pools works as fast as possible, we never sacrifice quality or cut corners.

Our 10-step Pool Construction Process:
  1. Design, plan and secure permits (the real wildcard)
  2. Excavate and grade, avoiding utilities and irrigation
  3. Steel framing laid, electrical and plumbing added
  4. Plaster, fiberglass, gunite or vinyl applied/installed
  5. Add decorative tile and coping around the edges
  6. Connect heater, pumps and filtration equipment
  7. Add features: patio, speakers, lights, fencing, etc.
  8. Plaster the pool, add water and needed chemicals
  9. Inspect that all equipment is operating correctly
  10. Go for a swim – well, we can leave that up to you
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