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5 questions to ask about winterizing your pool

As summer says goodbye, autumn creeps in and then winter’s blast can soon follow. For your outdoor pool, it’s time to make sure it’s ready to survive and thrive throughout the winter harshness. Here are five key questions to consider… # Should I adjust the chemicals in the water? # How should the water levels…
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Three key questions to ask when adding a pool

If you are thinking about adding a pool to your property, here are three key questions to help you make great choices… What are the main uses for it? This can range from family fun times to a valuable aid to your exercise regime. Who is going to be using it and how often? Will…
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Light up your next pool party

Pool lights are an impressive addition at house parties when you’re showing off your new custom pool construction. There are many types of pool lights to purchase for your pool, including orbs that float in the water itself, string lights that line the patio next to the pool, and lights that cling magnetically to the…
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What should you expect from a pool maintenance operation?

Pool owners often ask how important regular maintenance is. To give you an idea of the wide range of actions a top-notch pool maintenance service should provide, here are just some key activities: – A vacuuming of the entire pool, and then a net of the pool to get rid of floating debris. – Brushing…
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Enjoy your pool and let someone else do the work

A backyard pool is a great perk to have on a hot summer day, but it may feel like less of a bonus on the mornings when you are cleaning it! Outsourcing your pool maintenance is a great way to get the benefits of your pool without having to do the work. Why not leave…
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Improve your home with a custom pool!

Summer in Colorado is the perfect time to enjoy time with your family in a refreshing backyard pool. Having a private pool is not only fun, but it can also increase the overall value of your property. Think about coming home from a long day at the office and jumping into your clear pool while…
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Why is pool maintenance important?

The hot weather brings excitement to pool lovers. Why? Because the June warmth signifies the summer break, sunshine, and the chance to have fun in the water. Nothing brings that to a screeching halt like an uninhabitable pool. Year-round pool maintenance will keep you from uncovering damage right before the peak pool season–right now! Regular…
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In-ground swimming pools: 3 types you should know about

Klear Pool Company in Denver offers the best pool construction, maintenance and repairs for both commercial and residential purposes. There are three main types of pool constructions you can choose from: 1. Concrete This is the most expensive and takes longer to construct, but is stronger and lasts longer than the others. 2. Vinyl Vinyl…
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Welcome to our new website and blog

After a couple of months of planning and work, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website.  We wanted a website that was geared to our clients and informing them of our products and services. We value your opinion We hope you like the look of the website, so feel free to…
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End of Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance

Klear Pools in Denver is the company to depend on for all of your pool maintenance needs in the Denver area. Our committed staff is ready and willing to help you keep your pool into the best shape possible for the warm summer months and we are ready to winterize your swimming pool when the…
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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance is clearly very important if you own a swimming pool. Improperly cared for swimming pools can lead to infection and disease for those who will be using them and obviously you want to enjoy a nice relaxing dip in crystal clear waters without worrying about catching anything. Swimming pool maintenance needs to…
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Swimming Pool Contractor

What could be more relaxing than kicking back by your very own swimming pool nestled comfortably in your backyard and enjoying a lazy summer afternoon watching your family play in its crystal clear waters? Our answer, not much really. That’s what summer Sunday afternoons were made for. So, what are you waiting for? If you…
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