Custom swimming pool

Big pool vs. small pool: Which one is right for you?

Deciding on your pool’s size is vital as once installed, it can’t be stretched, pulled, or shrunk. So, how do you determine what size to choose? First, ask yourself these questions. Do you plan on doing laps in the pool? Who are the pool’s main users? Is it adults or children? How much patio space…
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New tile after lining replacement

What no one tells you about pool construction

Everyone who has installed a swimming pool in their homes says the process was daunting, but they don’t tell you why. Luckily for you, we’ll look at this below to prepare you for the pool construction process. Here are three things no one tells you about pool construction. You’re more likely to face complications such…
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Lighting makes your pool glow in the evening

Where in the world would you like your pool to be?

This might sound like a strange question – but bear with us. We know it’s actually located in beautiful Colorado, but where might you like your imagination to take you? Could you see your pool giving the impression of being beachside? Maybe you’d be more in tune with a tropical vibe. It’s great fun, working…
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