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How to Keep Your Family Safe Around the Pool this Summer

Accidents happen but if they can end up in tragedy, it is always better to prepare and prevent those accidents before they start. At Klear Pools we want your family to have a fun and relaxing time with our pools, and that means considering how to keep your family safe around the water. Here are the top five most important things you should consider when it comes to your family and your pool.

Install Barriers

Fences and covers are your first line of defense against accidents. If you do not have a fence around your pool, but you have animals or children, it would be a very smart idea to install either a fence or a pool cover to prevent fall-ins. Fences should be at least four feet tall, but higher is better. And installing a retractable pool cover may seem extreme at first, but when you consider that the cover can take the weight of a child or a dog and not fail, that protection suddenly seems worth it.

Secure Gates and Doors

A lot of kids are smart. They see us do something one time and its logged into their brains forever. This is where using locks is a very important thing for your family. Ensure that any door to the outside is always locked, and that they never see you lock it. Childproofing things will only work for so long before they understand the obstacle, so also consider getting a pool alarm if you do not install a fence or a cover.

Inspect Before They Dive

Pool drains are meant to suck. They pull in everything from the surrounding water and force it through a filter and clean the water before returning it. Make sure to inspect any and all drain covers before you let anyone into the pool, especially children. Broken or missing caps can result in children being pulled down into the water or into the drain.

Maintain the Pool

The water that sits in your pool is only clean because of the chemicals that are added to it. Bacteria and parasites are usually killed in the pool water because of these additives. However, if you haven’t maintained the pool recently, it’s necessary to do so before getting in the water. Dirty water or contaminated water can be a recipe for disaster, especially with animals drinking it or little kids swallowing it as they play.

Enforce the Rules

It’s no fun to be a bully about rules, but it’s worse to be dealing with a hurt child because the rules weren’t followed. Instill a solid list of rules with your children in order to get them serious about pool safety. It could save their life.

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