Painting a pool after repairs

How long would it take to build me a pool?

You won’t be surprised to learn that this is one of our most-asked questions. While we wouldn’t give a glib answer like: ‘How long is a piece of string?’ do be wary of any company that offers you a definite answer. We simply say that, typically, we’re talking between six and ten weeks. There are…
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Swimming pool contractor in denver

DIY pool toys

Looking for something to do while most everyone is having to stay at home? Here are some ideas for DIY pool toys that families can make together and then enjoy in the pool at home (on days that it is warm enough!). You more than likely have some or most of these items on hand,…
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Denver swimming pool contractor

What to think about when adding a spa to your property

It’s an exciting possibility, but it does benefit from careful thought before going ahead. Key questions to consider are likely to include: Where best to locate it – should it be a stand-alone or connected? Should it be raised? Would you prefer a walled option? What shape and size meets your needs and fits the…
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Swimming pool spray Klear Pools Denver CO

How often should you clean your pool?

Swimming pool maintenance is not something that should be performed once and then forgotten about. There are daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks to consider when you have a swimming pool. You should make a list of the different tasks that you need to accomplish and when to organize your pool maintenance needs. You should…
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New tile after lining replacement

Choosing your custom pool construction materials

Constructing a pool can help you take advantage of the famous Denver sunshine! But not all pool materials were created equal. The most common swimming pool options include: – Vinyl: The least costly option, vinyl linings are built on top of steel or polymer. However, pool shape can be limited, and the process takes more…
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resurfacing your pool by Klear pools

Consider these customization options when designing your new pool

At Klear Pools, we know that each person who seeks out our services wants a pool that does more than match the exterior of their home or business. They also want one that matches their needs and tastes. In the past, customization options were often strictly luxury additions. Today, anyone can enjoy high-end custom features…
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New pool cover in Denver

Avoid costly repairs to your pool

Pools are a wonderful addition to your home and add value. However, they do need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Be sure to check these things as part of your regular maintenance schedule. Is water properly flowing through all outlets? No movement could mean a clog. Is the heater maintaining a consistent temperature?…
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Swimming pool spray Klear Pools Denver CO

Pool maintenance tips to keep in mind

Most homeowners consider pool construction in their homes without factoring in the most crucial element of pool ownership, which is pool maintenance. It is vital to properly maintain your pool to avoid the growth of mold, change in watercolor, and other problems. Here are some pool maintenance tips to keep in mind. Incorporate scrubbing and…
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grouting tile on new pool

How might you upgrade your pool or spa?

At this time of year, it’s great to look forward to when late-spring and summer warmth returns to freezing Colorado. This means it’s also the perfect time to think about how you might upgrade your pool or spa for the year ahead and far beyond. Here are some suggestions to consider: Undertake a saltwater conversion…
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