Pools for leisure, exercise or mixed provided by Klear pools

How might you upgrade your pool?

You love your pool; it offers hours of pleasure and relaxation. But, how might you get that little bit more out of it? Here are some exciting possibilities… Converting it to a saltwater pool – it’s almost like bringing the shore right onto your property! Adding LED lighting and speakers – offering everything from smooth,…
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Pool, fountain, and spa equipment repairs

How many of these pool tasks have you completed recently?

It takes a fair bit of attention and work to keep your pool at its best. So, when was the last time you: Tested the water? Added chemicals for proper water balance? Brushed the walls, tiles and steps? Checked for leaks? Clean the skimmer and pump baskets? Vacuumed the whole pool? Cleaned out the filter?…
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Pool being constructed in denver

Making sure it’s only cloudy overhead!

Our summer weather is generally terrific, here in Denver. When the occasional cloud does have the audacity to block out the sun for a little while, it can even be a bit of a pleasant change! However, while enjoying the best of our climate, there is one place you certainly wouldn’t want a cloudy atmosphere.…
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Diving boards for your pool

Easy ways to keep leaves out of your pool

Leaves are one of the biggest problems for pool owners. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do in order to minimize the number of leaves, such as: Trimming back any trees or deciduous shrubs located near your pool. Putting up a fence or other barrier to strategically deflect leaves. Sweeping up fallen leaves…
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Denver swimming pool contractor

5 reasons why you should get a stand-alone spa

Are you thinking of adding a spa to your yard? If so, you should consider having a separate or stand-alone spa as they provide numerous advantages, including: They’re cost-effective and budget-friendly They’re ideal for small outdoor spaces They don’t rely on the location of your pool if you have one. So they can be located…
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Spa humbug!

Almost a quote from a famous Charles Dickens’ novel! Yet that’s how you might feel if you invest in a new spa and it doesn’t then fully meet your expectations or requirements. This is why our Klear Pools custom spa construction experts take time to fully understand what you want. We can then offer advice…
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grouting tile on new pool

Why the “cheaper is better” mentality will cost you

When it comes to custom pool construction, many homeowners prefer going for cheap services to save money. Although high pool construction prices don’t always equate to good value and quality, low-cost services are more likely to disappoint you in the long run. For example, cheap pool construction services could mean hiring an inexperienced company providing…
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Backyard pools to match your style

Don’t make these swimming pool construction mistakes

Building a pool is a huge investment that you need to get right the first time. However, many homeowners end up rushing their pool construction resulting in costly repair and replacement mistakes. Here are some mistakes you should avoid during swimming pool construction. Not hiring a professional swimming pool company – only an expert has…
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Pools for leisure, exercise or mixed provided by Klear pools

How to get rid of mold in your pool

Mold is a common issue in swimming pools, and it forms a protective coating on items such as toys, lighting, and pool equipment. While water mold isn’t harmful to you or your loved ones, it can cause damage to your swimming pool, resulting in costly repairs. Here are some ways you can get rid of…
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