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Help! It’s a Pool Repair Emergency!

Picture this for a moment. You are filling your pool with water for the first time in nearly a year. You are dreaming about a summer filled with pool toys, pool parties and fun outdoors with the family. While you are glancing out at your pool, you notice there’s a problem: your pool appears to be leaking. You aren’t sure what to do, because you don’t know how bad the leak is. What’s a pool owner to do? This is precisely the time you need to call Klear Pools. We have technicians who can come out, assess your problem, and get it fixed as soon as possible. Here are some common pool issues that need a repair.

Common Pool Issues

One of the most common pool issues is a leak or a clog in your pool. You may have a leak somewhere in your pool, and it may be difficult to find it, especially if it is small. While it’s better if it’s small, if you don’t get it repaired, a small crack will get bigger. Over time, it can cause serious damage to your pool.

Also, you may need to call us if you suspect a clog in your pool’s filtering system. Depending on the size of your pool, it can be difficult to shut off your pool and track the pressure in the system. In order to track a clog, you have to run the pool pump and check each line. For a small clog, it isn’t that difficult. Bigger clogs can disrupt or even damage your pool pump. Pool pump are vital for your pool’s system. The pump moves chemicals around in your pool and helps to keep the water clear and pretty.

One of the most common pool issues we come out and work on is problems with the pool water, especially if the level of algae is too high. Some algae problems you can fix on your own. You can shock the pool and add algae fighting chemicals, but the problem might overwhelm you. It’s understandable. Algae can seemingly appear overnight. They can cloud your pool water, cause your pool pump to stop working, clog lines, and cause your chemicals to stop working. You need to have someone come out and check out your system before the algae bloom really causes damage.

If you have a pool emergency, you can depend on Klear Pools to respond as quickly as possible. We have solutions for every pool emergency.

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