Unique Custom Swimming Pool

Unique Custom Swimming Pool Ideas

Gone are the days of custom swimming pools only being for the rich and famous. These days, unique custom swimming pools are more affordable than ever and something more and more homeowners are choosing. If you’re looking for some inspiration and unique custom swimming pool ideas, look no further. Here are some options for the custom pool of your dreams.

Special Shapes

Pools aren’t limited to just rectangle and oval shapes. For your custom swimming pool, you can choose any shape that works for your space and your vision. Consider choosing a kidney shape, figure 8, Roman style, Grecian style, or an entirely freeform shape.

Additional Water Features

Who doesn’t love a waterfall? A waterfall is just one of the extra water features you can incorporate into your custom swimming pool. You can also add a fountain, an attached hot tub, or even a moat.

Natural Look Pools

Bold, modern pools with defined lines are great for some people but others are more interested in a natural-looking pool. With a custom swimming pool, you can create a design that makes the pool seem like a cohesive part of the scenery. It might look like a very clean, inviting pond, for example. These pools often rely heavily on beautiful stonework and landscaping to make them look as natural as possible. They’re a stunning addition to any outdoor space.

Special Lighting

If you want to enjoy a nighttime swim, some special light effects can make the experience that much more fun. Colorful LEDs and underwater lights will help take your pool to the next level. These special lighting options will make the pool glow with a beautiful, inviting light that you won’t be able to resist.

Experimental Colors

Your custom swimming pool can have any appearance you like, right down to the color choices. Bold tile colors can create a unique effect whether you choose a soft pastel or something truly eye-catching like emerald green.

Choose Klear Pools to Build Your New Custom Swimming Pool

At Klear Pools, we’re proud to build custom swimming pools and spas for Colorado homeowners. With more than a decade in the business, we have installed a huge variety of pools for our clients and can help you turn your dream swimming pool into a reality. Reach out for more information about the process of building a custom swimming pool with Klear Pools.

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