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Pool maintenance in the Winter

Just because you won’t be swimming in pools much over the winter doesn’t mean that they won’t still need upkeep during the winter months. Here are some pool maintenance tips to get you through the winter.

  • Keep it Covered

You also want to make sure you are maintaining the actual pool cover in addition to keeping the pool covered. Make sure it is always securely attached. Keep debris and water off the pool cover. Use a roof rake to remove the snow from your pool cover.

  • Take Care of Your Pool Parts

Periodically check the pump, heater, and filter to make sure they are working. Make sure there isn’t any excess water in any parts.

  • Maintain the Water and Chemicals

If you don’t drain your pool, keep the chemicals balanced in the pool water. Check the levels every two months. Get new chemicals each pool season.

If you need a swimming pool company to assist you with your winter pool maintenance, call Klear Pools.

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