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5 questions to ask about winterizing your pool

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As summer says goodbye, autumn creeps in and then winter’s blast can soon follow. For your outdoor pool, it’s time to make sure it’s ready to survive and thrive throughout the winter harshness. Here are five key questions to consider…

# Should I adjust the chemicals in the water?

# How should the water levels be adjusted and the pump system drained?

# Have I remembered to remove any accessories and other fittings?

# What lubricants should be applied to the fittings?

# How can I protect the plumbing from a harsh winter?

The answers are often slightly different for any individual pool, depending on a range of location and other factors. It pays to contact pool maintenance experts and talk through your specific requirements. Here in Denver, Klear Pools offer professional advice and solutions to keep your pool in best order right throughout the year

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