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Creative custom pool design elements

Klear Pools

Autumn is the perfect time to install a new custom pool or update an existing one with creative custom elements. The weather is cooler and more predictable, which makes it easier for contractors to work. Material and parts prices typically drop after summer as well. Lastly, you can use many creative custom elements to relax or as decorative landscaping in winter months. Consider the following options:

  • A total pool heat system or attached hot tub or spa so that your entire family can enjoy warmth and relaxation on cool autumn nights
  • A concrete or stone step path down the middle of the pool at water level so it looks like the path is floating on water
  • One or more fountain, sprinkler or waterfall systems with traditional sculpture or modern heads so that you can see and hear the flow of water even in winter
  • Vibrant animal, geometric or landscape mosaic tile backgrounds on in-pool and near-pool walls to give the area splashes of color when everything is dull and gloomy outdoors
  • Floating-style glass bubbles or towers placed inside of the pool that connect to a nearby koi pond so that fish appear from time-to-time above the pool water level as if floating in the air

These are only a few of the many creative custom pool elements that are available. For more ideas or to schedule an appointment to design the pool of your dreams, contact our Klear Pools custom pool construction team today.

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