Keeping a pool clean and in tip top shape is a very important aspect of pool ownership. Not only does no one really want to swim in a grungy pool, but also, realistically, diseases can be transmitted through the water from one person to another if the filtering and cleaning process is not working correctly. Obviously we all want everyone to be safe and just be able to have fun in the pool and that is where the Denver pool maintenance services at Klear Pools Custom Pools and Spas comes in really handy.

Depending on how much use your pool receives you can schedule Denver pool maintenance services with us on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. When we come we will thoroughly clean your pool by vacuuming the pool, thoroughly brushing the walls, tile and steps. We will also ensure that your pool circulation system is functioning properly by cleaning the filters and verifying that the pump and timers work, there is good pressure and no leaks. Plus we’ll ensure that the automatic pool sweep is functioning properly and finish off your very thorough Denver pool maintenance services by testing and balancing the chemicals in the water to keep you safe.

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