Pool, fountain, and spa equipment repairs

How many of these pool tasks have you completed recently?

Klear Pools

It takes a fair bit of attention and work to keep your pool at its best. So, when was the last time you:

  1. Tested the water?
  2. Added chemicals for proper water balance?
  3. Brushed the walls, tiles and steps?
  4. Checked for leaks?
  5. Clean the skimmer and pump baskets?
  6. Vacuumed the whole pool?
  7. Cleaned out the filter?

Just seven of so many tasks! Might not leave you as much time to actually enjoy a pool lifestyle as you’d wish!

A simple solution!

Our experienced pool maintenance team can appreciate your budget and organize a unique schedule to take all the work off your hands. To find out more, talk to us now…

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